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Processing Activity Statements from the Legal Basis Matrix

Activity; purpose/justification – Legal Basis & Special Condition


Absence Monitoring and Appraisals; to monitor performance, sickness and holiday absences – Legitimate Interests

Employment Records; retention of application form and contract, copies of identification and qualifications where applicable – Legal Obligation / Special Condition B Legal Compliance

Retention of Therapy Practise Qualifications and Insurances; copies obtained and kept for all therapists associated with the Centre – Legal Obligation / Special Condition B Legal Compliance

Treatment Room Hire

Hire Agreements; Contracts between Natural Health Centre and self-employed therapists for the use of rooms, equipment and facilities – Contract

TM2 Software (UK Servers)

Client Treatment Records; Records are kept of the therapies provided in order to deliver a package of treatments and for ease of reference for repeat visits – Legitimate Interests / Special Condition D Legitimate Interests

Booking System; The Natural Health Centre uses software to manage – Legitimate Interests

Medical Health History

Medical & Health History; Personal details, including a medical & health history for the purposes of assessing how best to meet the needs of the client and deliver a suitable therapy package – Contract / Special Condition B Legal Compliance

Insurance Referrals

Verification of Treatment; The Natural Health Centre provide therapeutic services to clients which are related to an insurance claim through AXA, the treatments are verified in an online programmed called Healthcode – Contract / Special Condition A Express Consent


Institute of Osteopathy; Evidence of Natural Health Centre activities and responsible persons are provided in the application for membership to the Institute – Legitimate Interests