François Mezei D.O. B.SC (Hons) Ost

Principle Osteopath and Founder of the natural Health Centre

François describes himself as a Classical Osteopath, combining structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy depending on the patient’s body history and needs.

He has completed the course of his osteopathic studies both in France, in the College International d’Osteopathie and in England at the European School of Osteopathy. He qualified in 2007 with the prize for Osteopathic Research paper, which he later presented at the 4th Annual International Conference for Osteopaths, Physiotherapist and Chiropractors at the British School of Osteopathy.

Since then, François has been practicing at the Atman Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, where over the past years he has developed an extremely diverse patient list, acquiring great osteopathic experience notably in the treatment of expecting mothers, birth preparation and in osteopathic care for babies and children. He has also been actively involved with Osteopathic Fundamentals lectures at the European School of Osteopathy, both for the full time Masters course and for international seminars.

François lived abroad and travelled extensively during childhood, and he is fully proficient in French, English and German. Being a keen sportsman with a particular interest in outdoor and mountain sports, he has a firsthand experience and in depth understanding of the biomechanics behind sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Ms Louise A Ellison D.O


Louise graduated in July 1995 from the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, Kent.

In 1997 she went to Sydney where she treated lots of sports injuries.

She had her own clinic in Dartmouth, Devon, with an Associate for 10 years and also worked in a Paediatric Clinic in Plymouth one day a week.

Marriage then took her to Lincoln where she worked as an Associate in 2 local clinics. For the past 3.5 years she has been working in Bath and Bristol with colleagues from 23 years ago.

She is a Structural and Cranial Osteopath, with a special interest in Paediatrics and Maternity-where she works at the European School of Osteopathy as a Clinic Tutor. She enjoys swimming and walking and being with her 2 daughters in her spare time.

She will be working all day Wednesday and then alternate Saturdays in the future.

John Read D.O. M.Ost


I received my masters degree in osteopathy at the European School of Osteopathy, in Kent, and I hold full membership of the Institute of Osteopathy

which is the UK’s professional membership organisation for registered Osteopaths. I am also registered with the General Osteopathic Council. General Osteopathic Council Institute of Osteopathy.

My approach involves working closely with each patient to identify the tissue causing pain whilst considering any relevant predisposing factors. I endeavour to utilise knowledge I have acquired through my varied and non-traditional background, which allows me to remain open minded and holistic with my examination and treatment plans which are tailored to individuals. I feel this approach allows me to obtain optimum results for my clients.

Currently I base my treatment on a combination of stronger, structural techniques and a more gentle functional approach. I am more than willing to explain this in further detail if required including explanation of the mechanisms behind each technique.