Osteopathic Medicine in Folkestone Kent

Welcome to the Natural Health Centre

The Natural Health Centre is the largest establishment in osteopathy medicine in Folkestone and the surrounding areas. We have dedicated our time and effort in building up the clinic; a haven where we strive to provide you with the best osteopathic care available.

In addition to osteopathy, our patients will find a varied selection of complementary therapies to suit their needs. Working alongside conventional medicine, we offer a holistic approach to the body in our search to find and treat the root cause of your health problem.


Now that we have been open for a while, here is a reminder of some of the measures that we have put in place to ensure the safe and smooth running of our clinic during the pandemic.

  • Before each session, you will receive a reminder email, which includes a series of triage questions. These questions will be asked to ensure we maintain the highest levels of hygiene within the clinic and to protect both the public and osteopaths by keeping any symptomatic patients away. If you answer YES to any of the questions, please let us know by telephone and do not come to your appointment.

  • If possible, try to come to the clinic alone, unless you are accompanying a child, and please also be mindful not to bring any unnecessary items into the clinic – such as bags, coats, jewellery, watches etc.

  • The water dispenser has been removed for now, so please be aware that we cannot offer drinks.

  • We are leaving a 15 minute gap between each patient to prevent any overlap and to allow practitioners to aerate the treatment room, wipe and sanitise all surfaces and to thoroughly sanitize themselves before they see the next patient.

  • We are no longer using couch covers and all pillows have a new wipeable vinyl cover. This will enable us to easily clean all surfaces between every patient.

  • Also, to reduce unnecessary contact, we would kindly ask patients to turn up at the time of their appointment, and if early, to wait in their car or on the sunny benches in front of the clinic. If one must wait in the reception, limited social distanced seating is available.

  • On arrival, please push the door which will be open and immediately sanitize your hands with the new dispenser on the wall and take your temperature using the machine provided. To further protect you, we ask you to wear a mask from the moment you enter the clinic, all staff are wearing them too.

  • Osteopaths and reception staff are washing their hands regularly between patients as well as osteopaths changing their clinic coats regularly.

  • We ask that patients please pay by card if possible, with contactless payment amounts now having been increased for any amount up to £45. The card machine is sanitized after each use.

    We hope these measures that we are taking will help reassure you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Opening Times

The Osteopathy clinic will be open Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday from 10am. Please note François doesn't work Saturdays.

NHS Test and Trace

As you may be aware, the new NHS Test and Trace app is now up and running.

Please note that if you have to provide details of contacts to test and trace (or equivalent), and you have visited our clinic recently, you will need to categorise us under ‘healthcare’ and not a ‘general’ contact. If you do not highlight us as being under ‘healthcare’, then we will be treated as social contact and may be subject to self-isolation rules.

Fast Track Appointments

There are now fast track appointments available for François with shorter waiting times. These include an additional charge of £10.00 for follow-up appointments. Click on the ‘book now’ button to see what is available.

Back and neck pain

New Osteopath

D.O.M OST Mr Edward Healey

We are pleased to confirm that Edward Healey has returned to the clinic after an adventure in New Zealand. He is currently offering appointments throughout the day on Tuesdays and most Saturdays.

D.O.M OST Mr Edward Healey
UK Health Cenre Registered
I have been seeing François for a few years now, as I have had a lot of issues with my posture and back pain. François is fantastic and has helped no end. He’s extremely knowledgeable and I couldn’t recommend him enough.
Jason W
I was struggling to walk when I arrived at the Natural Health Centre, due to a back injury & after just two sessions, I was fit enough to pass a work related fitness test.
Thank you very much for all your help.
Neil Robinson
I am very grateful for my osteopathy treatment. My legs needed healing after years of steroids and my left leg was purple. My legs have been saved and I can now walk with a stick.
Carol Carlie
After years of pain in the thoracic spine and neck, I can genuinely say that I am almost 100% better. Francois has realigned my entire body and allowed it to function normally. I never thought I would be pain free again, but I am..
Both the centre and the staff are great. I will recommend them to all my friends, I’m so glad I finally came! I feel better after each visit.
Great service, I have really improved since I started here.
After my first visit with Alex I found great relief. I’m very impressed.
Amazing! I could easily do this on a weekly basis, very beneficial!
Very happy with the treatment received. All the staff are very professional.
After being in pain for many years I was sceptical that anyone would be able to help me. However, after just one session with Francois I was mobile and pain free! – Amazing!!
Clinic is lovely, light, spacious and clean. Receptionist is always friendly and chatty in just the right way. Treatment is always professional and thorough. I would recommend it highly.
Very good, calm atmosphere, excellent treatment and very helpful receptionist.
Although an arthritic hip can’t be reversed, the treatments here have helped to keep me mobile and comfortable.
I find the therapists and staff at the Natural Health Centre knowledgeable and very professional. Treatments are invaluable, and I would recommend them to anyone.
I’ve been seeing osteopaths for years now, the Natural Health Centre is by far the best I’ve been to. Francois is just exceptional.
Francois is a genius! After just one visit I felt better than I had for years. Very Professional and I always feel comfortable here!
Great little centre and great treatment!
I was near paralysed down one side due to an old road accident. Francois’ osteopathic skills in fixing my spinal misalignment has enabled me to walk and take part in activities without long standing pain and immobility. I am now fully mobile again whereas the NHS only offered me pain killers; I recommend the Natural Health Centre and osteopathy for back and neck injuries.
Mr G
This Place is a real life saver!